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Local Advocacy - Housing

Policy Objectives: Our community maintains a reasonable supply of housing to meet its internal growth needs, and provide a sufficient number of new housing to encourage new business to locate to our community. The ability for employees to have housing choice available to them near where they work has a positive affect on employee morale, productivity, and, by reducing commute lengths, reduces traffic and air pollution. Balanced land use decisions are the key to maintaining a positive business environment.


Support: Land use that provides adequate land for residential and non-residential land uses. Review existing inventories and adjust to economic changes that alter long term needs of a particular land use.


Support: Land use and plan areas that result in a fiscal benefit to the community as a whole.  


Support:  Ballot measures that provide full disclosure of the impacts on business and residents.


Oppose: Efforts to increase the cost of housing through the imposition of fees intended to meet unfunded mandates or new building standards.


Oppose: Unreasonable limits or undue burdens for entitlement approvals for development projects.


Oppose:  Ballot box planning.



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