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Local Advocacy - Infrastructure

Policy Objectives: In order to maintain economic vitality and continue to stand as one of the most desirable communities in the region in which to reside, we must maintain and build on our infrastructure plan with major emphasis on transportation systems, reliable water and power resources, and advanced communications and technology.  To maintain a high quality of life, we must support a high quality system of parks, recreation, and cultural activities.  We must keep a forward-thinking, proactive approach to remain competitive in our ability to attract and maintain jobs that are essential to our economic well being. 


a.  Transportation: 

Support: Local efforts to secure regional, state and federal funds that will improve traffic flow on surface streets, highways and freeways.


Oppose: Undue financial burden to local businesses and residents for alleviating traffic congestion in our area. 

b.  Water:

Support: Policy and legislation that insures an economical, reliable and sustainable supply of water to assure that our current and future businesses and residents will always have ample water supply in wet and dry years.

c.  Power Resources: 

Support: Solutions for reliable, low-cost power resources for our businesses and residents including, but not limited to, alternative power sources and diversification from the grid.                       

d.  Communication & Technology: 

Support: Policy and legislation that enables our technology providers to offer businesses and residents the most advanced communication and technology.

e.  Parks, Recreation and Cultural Activities

Support:  Opportunities for state and local funding of park facilities.  If proposed funding may result in higher taxes or fees to business or individuals, a careful review of costs and benefits shall be assessed prior to taking a position.


Support:  The passage of fiscally responsible local and state bond measures where necessary and appropriate.


Support:  High quality arts and cultural activities to enhance and stimulate the quality of life for local residents.


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